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The Hidden Talent of Your Apple Products Boxes

In case you haven't noticed, Apple products come in the BEST boxes! Many of us are so excited to play with our new Apple toy that we quickly dig out the product and toss the box into the nearest recycling bin. The professional organizer in me says, "Pause! Hold on to that box!" I know I'm actually saying to KEEP something that many see as trash. But these boxes are not trash, they are actually helpful in getting yourself organized, especially in shelves and drawer spaces.

The minimalist, sturdy design of Apple boxes makes them perfect for storing smaller items. Here is a photo of how these boxes help me keep my desk drawer organized.

I use two Apple boxes in this drawer in my home studio. I have office supplies and a joy-inducing eraser in the iPad box, and post-it notes in the AirPod box. The boxes help my supplies stay in place and not slide all over the drawer. I just love this!

You may be asking, "What's that red box in the lower right-hand corner?" That, my friend, is an old school floppy disk holder! My husband gave me this to hold my flash drives and it saved me from wasting time digging around in my teacher backpack. Nowadays, I store my teacher documents on my Microsoft OneDrive, which works well...until the Internet fails.

Although I have a special passion for Apple boxes, any sturdy box will work well for storing items in drawers and on shelves. So, notice the boxes you receive during this season of gift giving and receiving. Can any of them help you get a space organized?

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