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Heal Your

Fisher Woodward professional home organizer with decluttered and organized linen closet

Professional decluttering, downsizing, and organizing that works for YOU and your home, office, classroom, or storage locker. 

Serving Tacoma, WA / Gig Harbor, WA /  Pierce County, WA  

Kitsap County, WA

Hi! I'm Fisher.

Does your home make you want to cry? Does the disorganization in your home add to your stress and overwhelm? Are you reluctant to ask for help because you are embarrassed for anyone to see your home?  If you are looking for help with this, I am your respectful, problem-solving, non-judgmental guide in your decluttering and organizing experience.

  • I love helping people heal their homes by getting rid of clutter and organizing their belongings in a way that serves and uplifts them.

  • I get it. I've struggled with disorganization too.

  • I was trained by Marie Kondo and her team in 2019.

Who is Marie Kondo? Marie is a professional organizer and the author of "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up." She is the creator of the KonMari Method® which guides us to declutter by category, asking the question "does this item spark joy?"

Fisher Woodward professional organizer serving Tacoma Washington area

"I am your respectful, problem-solving, non-judgmental guide in your decluttering and organizing experience."
~Fisher Woodward

Decluttering and Organizing Services

No matter what space we organize, we will begin with your vision for the area and work towards making that vision your reality, using one of these two methods:

decluttered and organized desk drawer

What is intuitive organizing?


Decluttering is based on your "gut feelings" about an item. Does the item spark joy? Is it useful? Your answer guides whether the item is kept, donated, or thrown away.


Organizing is based on where the item's placement intuitively works for you. For example, if you lose your keys, where is the first place you look for them? That's where your keys should "live," -- perhaps in a sentimental box or bowl that sparks joy.



What to expect from me:

  • My undivided attention during our session.

  • Expert coaching on decluttering and organizing.

  • Accountability.

  • Communicating between sessions as needed.

  • Assigned homework as needed.

  • Researched donation places that align with your values.

  • Itemized list of your donations and their value. 

calm feeling neatly arranged sweater tossed over back of wicker chair

Pricing & Packages

My hourly rate is $100 per hour and my sessions are usually 4 hours long. I also offer packages at a discount rate. Once you pay for your package or your session, I will schedule you on my calendar.

Done & Dusted

8 hours/2 sessions for $760. (5% discount)

Sorted & Satisfied

12 hours/3 sessions for $1080. (10% discount)

Officially Organized

24 hours/6 sessions for $1920. (20% discount)

Intuitive Healing

My organizing talents can help you with your physical clutter, but if you feel like you also carry clutter in your mind, body, and spirit, I can help you with that too.

energy healing mala

Organizing With a Shot of Woo

Do you feel like you carry clutter in your body, mind, and spirit? I can teach you rituals and routines to help you let go of this unseen clutter and I can teach you how to clear your own energy field (your aura and chakras) as well. $100 per hour or your package rate.

pendulum for energy healing

Intuitive Healing Session

Session includes a combination of the following healing modalities: listening, meditation, clairvoyant reading, energy healing. 1.5 hour session. $120

My Certifications

Fisher is a member of the Inspired Organizer Network.
Fisher is a Silver level KonMari consultant
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